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We are your contact from the first sketch of an idea to the implementation and construction management of your project. Thanks to our many years of experience, our skills are wide-ranging and offer the best basis for new buildings as well as for complex conversions and extensions. The individuality of each concept is just as important to us as the realistic and solution-oriented execution.

Based on your wishes and objectives, the budget and the technical specifications, we develop and realize your living space in the form of aesthetic, functional and sustainable architecture.

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The architecture of living changes with each building task. Depending on the client’s wishes, we develop “tailor-made” concepts and solutions. For your residential building, be it a single-family house or a multi-storey residential complex, the architectural and cost-optimized solution is the top priority.


With our team of architects, engineers and business economists, we have broad, industry-specific hospitality and real estate expertise. Operational processes and optimized structures are just as much a focus of our work as a contemporary architectural solution.

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As a general planner with a large network, we provide you with solutions from a single source: Object planning based on the HOAI service profile Technical building equipment / infrastructure, structural planning, landscape architecture, logistics planning, production planning.

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