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Our office has been commissioned as architects and general planners for the large-scale project of the Häfele group of companies in Nagold. In the course of this comprehensive construction project, a building complex is being created with high technological demands on the building construction and energy management, which segments the different, sometimes massive building volumes and creatively brings them together as a collage.

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Our dynamic environment, society and culture require a continuous examination of spaces, since, for example, the requirements for living and office space are changing and greater emphasis is placed on design and functionality. As architects, we observe these developments and reflect them in our designs. At the same time, we try to create a timeless design that is based on quality and sustainable values. Sustainability, a reduced design and the innovative power in function and use are the globally decisive parameters for the architecture of tomorrow.

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Our quarters Pfannenstiel

In order to develop cities and communities in a sustainable way, we need living space of different building types and for different target groups.

The goal of “Our Green Quarter Pfannenstiel” is to create affordable living space, strengthen social living space in the neighborhoods and enable a high quality of life and participation for all people living there. It opens up the opportunity to reorganize the coexistence of generations and life in old age and to meet the increasing need for care and support structures.

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